Damjan Cvetko

Damjan Cvetko

Developer, System Architect, Hacker.

3 minutes read

Derick was nice enough to point out that the soon-to-be-released PHP 8.1 and Xdebug 3.1.0 will need some protocol level adjustments. Since I develop on Windows, building PHP or Xdebug from source isn’t something I did recently. Lets see what we need to do.

2 minutes read

On a nice May day, we spent a whole day going through Elastic APM Go Agent code, to try to figure out why it doesn’t log Spans, and all Transactions of a certain kind are just always not sampled. Once again, because wrote our own Elastic APM PHP Agent, we got bit in the behind and spent a better part of the day WTF-ing through all the code, just to switch ONE BIT in the end, to solve the issue.

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