Damjan Cvetko

Damjan Cvetko

Developer, System Architect, Hacker.


8 minutes read

Challenge: Santa trusted 3 elves with his secrets. They couldn’t agree on the encryption scheme to use, so each of them chose a different one. Can you decrypt each of the messages in the attached archive and recover the secret.

2 minutes read

Challenge: Santa thanks you all for all the help, dedication and all the challenges you have completed! Thanks again and don’t forget to check BSidesLjbuljana #CFP and sponsorship offers. Now Santa is already running late to some parts of the world but anyway it’s all about perfect timing! Enjoy the last challenge and see you at #BSidesLjubljana!

1 minute read

Challenge: Someone send an image to Santa but it got corrupted during the transfer or did it? Maybe someone intentionally did this and hidden a message inside?

3 minutes read

Challenge: Every year Santa is using his own Weather App to check if he can deliver presents all around the globe. It’s a very secret and reliable app! Or is it? is it /xams or is it /flag

2 minutes read

Challenge: In the last days of preparation to test his flying capabilities, Santa’s elves flew 47 times around the earth and then another 13 times. Then Santa’s elves inserted all good children addresses and suddenly the navigation system crashed with this error message: r~yy!cbb(twz’d"++x(y!aqqt&%u{b)tw%)sv$+$tyssvrr$|zalll Is it some kind of buffer overflow? Do you have any idea how to solve this issue ?

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